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The settlement at Port Jackson was the subject of many early prints. We concentrate on those. As it grew into the city of Sydney, it continued to be a rich source of subjects for print makers and other illustrators. Here we offer prints by the convict artist Joseph Lycett and by the artists aboard the three French exploration expeditions that visited Sydney in the decade following publication of Lycett’s book.
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Joseph Lycett (c.1774 – c.1825) was convicted of forgery and was transported to Australia, arriving in Port Jackson in 1814. He promptly re-offended and although he was sent to Newcastle for further punishment, his skills soon made him in demand as an artist. He was pardoned in 1822 and returned to England where he produced Views in Australia, or New South Wales and Van Diemens Land, (published 1824) illustrated with 48 hand coloured aquatint prints. These prints come onto the market only rarely and are among the most charming and desirable early views of Australia.

TA 035s Lycett a distant view of Sydney

TA 035 Distant view of Sydney The city seen from across the harbour, with a traveling aboriginal family in the foreground. Excellent condition.  $A 2800

TA 036s Lycett residence of McArthur

TA 036 Residence of John McArthur Esq near Parramatta N.S.W. The prosperous looking Elizabeth Farm, home of the business man John MacArthur who started the wool industry in Australia and played an important role in the political life of the colony, including during the Rum Rebellion when governor Bligh was overthrown. Two very elegantly dressed members of the gentry are walking in the foreground. Excellent condition. $A 1800

TA 030 Lycett Kissing Point s

TA 030 Kissing Point, New South Wales, the property of the late Mr James Squires. Kissing Point is a point on the Parramatta River about 2 km south of Ryde but in Joseph Lycett’s day the name was applied to an area covering the modern suburbs of Ryde, Putney and Gladesville. James Squire, an emancipist, brewed the colony’s first beer and became a wealthy business man.  Excellent condition $A 1800

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Antique aquatints (engravings) by Sigismond Himely after Barthelémy Lauverge from Voyage autour du monde par les mers de l’Inde et de Chine de la corvette de Sa Majesté La Favorite, by Cyrille Pierre Théodore Laplace, Paris 1833.  Uncoloured, with pressure-seal from the book.

EX 078s

EX 078 Vooloo-Moloo [Woolloomooloo, today an inner suburb of Sydney, New South Wales] 261 x 359 mm. Very good condition. $A 2400.

EX 085S

EX 085 Sydney. Etablissement principal de la Nouvelle Galles du Sud. [Sydney, principal settlement in New South Wales]. 268 x 356 mm.. Uncoloured, very good condition. $A 2,000.

EX 084S

EX 084 Vooloo-Molooo [Wooloomooloo, Sydney, New South Wales –another example] 261 x 359 mm. Uncoloured, pressure-seal from the book, good condition, faint spotting in the margin and the edge of a water-stain over the left-hand corner only visible from one angle. $A 1200.


Antique lithograph by Bénard and Frey after a drawing by F B de la Touanne from Voyage… de la Thetis et de l’Esperance, by Hyancinthe de Bougainville, Paris 1837.

EX 082S

EX 082 Vue prise dans les jardins du gouvernement ȧ Sidney. [View of the government gardens in Sydney]. 192 x 262 mm (image only). Original hand-colour, excellent condition. $A 2000.

EX 083S

EX 083 Fort Macquarie sur la pointe est de l’anse Sidney. [Fort Macquarie from the Botanic Gardens.] 181 x 261 mm (image only}. Uncoloured, excellent condition. $A 1400.


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