Vernet – Napoleonic Battles

Decorative prints
Vernet – Napoleonic Battles

Etchings from Campagnes des Français sous le Consulat et l’Empire [French military campaigns  under the Consulate and the Empire], published in Paris c 1840. This collection was a manifestation of the first revival of French enthusiasm for Napoleon. (Following his defeat and abdication, French sentiment focussed on the enormous death toll and foreign occupation as well as restoration of the monarchy which had resulted from his policies. But 25 years later attention returned to the glory, pomp and administrative reforms which characterised his reign.)

The etchings are mostly by Couché after paintings by Carle Vernet, one of the most talented and popular of the artists serving the Imperial Court and drawings by Swebach. They depict battle scenes in great detail. In many cases Napoleon is shown close to the front, directing the battle.  We are also offering a five-page set of portraits of 100 of his marshals and generals from the same publication.

The plates measure 310 x 470 mm (paper) and  are uncoloured. They are in very  good to excellent condition.

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MI 032sml

MI 032 Battle of Austerlitz.  $A 225

MI 033sml

MI 033 Battle of Waterloo.  Mounted in conservation quality mat.  $A 300

MI 034

MI 034 Battle of Abensberg.  $A 225

MI 036sml

MI 036 Battle of Iena.  $A 225

MI 037sml

MI 037 Battle of Eylau.  $A 225

MI 038sml

MI 038 Battle of Heliopolis. Very good impression and condition except for a smudge in the sky. $A 200