Jane Austen 1790s -1840s

Decorative prints
Fashions of the Jane Austen period

Following the Revolution and continuing into the subsequent Napoleonic period (from about 1790 to 1825), a very distinctive style of fashion was developed in France  It was copied all over Europe and is immortalised for English speakers in the fashions current in the novels of Jane Austen .

The fashion plates offered here are from French fashion magazines of the period.  They are only a selection, ask us if you want to see more.

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FJ 017sml

 FJ 017 Percale bonnet and muslin dress, opening at the back with a row of buttons. Fashion plate 1232 from Costumes Parisiens, 1812.  $A 60

FJ 019sml

FJ 019 Pilgrim style Italian straw hat, muslin frock with pleated blouse … . Fashion plate 2323 from Costumes Parisiens, 1825.  $A 60

FJ 018 s

FJ 018 Parasol bonnet and dress with two flounces . Fashion plate 1256 from Costumes Parisiens, 1812.  $A 60

FJ 020

FJ 020  Six winter hats . Fashion plate 1691 from Costumes Parisiens, 1817.  $A 60

FJ 021

FJ 021 Two outdoor frocks. Fashion plate 12 from Costumes Parisiens, 1822.  $A 60

FJ 022s

FJ 022 Six summer hats and bonnets . Fashion plate 1740 from Costumes Parisiens, 1818.  $A 60

FJ 023

FJ 023 Male in tailcoat and breeches.  Fashion plate 1251 from Costumes Parisiens, 1812.  $A 80

FJ 016

FJ 016  Elegant dandy. Male fashion plate 627, from the Modes de Paris, a regular feature of the magazine Le Petit Courier des Dames [Ladies’ Little Mail], published at No 2/8 Boulevard des Italiens, Paris. c 1823.  $A 80

FJ 027 S

FJ 027 At the race track. Male fashion plate 326, from the Modes de Paris, a regular feature of the magazine , Le petit courier des dames [Ladies’ little Mail], Paris, c 1823.  $A 80

FJ 024s

FJ 024 Couple in outdoor outfits . Fashion plate 48 from Costumes Parisiens, 1822.  $A 80

FJ 025s

FJ 025 Couple with eye-glasses. Fashion plate 5 from Costumes Parisiens, 1821.  $A 80

FJ 026 s

FJ 026 Couple with fan & reticule. Fashion plate 33 from Costumes Parisiens, 1822.  $A 85