Victorian —1840s -1910s

Decorative prints
Victorian —1840s -1910s
The Victorian age (roughly 1840 – 1900) saw above all the flowering of the middle class.
With the restoration of the monarchy in France, women’s fashions throughout Europe swung away from the almost frugal and relatively simple fashions pictured in our Jane Austen category and back towards imitating court outfits of the previous centuries. The wigs and elaborate headdresses of the 18th century were not revived but there was a return to wide skirts and emphasizing the waist and bust (and after about 1870 bustles to emphasise the posterior). Ruffles, ribbons, decorations of all sorts and displays of expensive fabrics became more extravagant than ever.
The fashion plates were also opulent: they were much larger than previous ones, still hand coloured but now showing the models in more realistic poses, as well as the interior or outdoor surrounds in which the clothes might be worn. Towards the end of the 19th century, some fashion magazines switched over to the new technique of lithography.
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This selection of quarto-sized engravings illustrates the wide range of competing publications in the same style.



FM 021 s

 FM 021 Journal des demoiselles [Young ladies’ magazine] plate no 4262, 1880.  Measurements of the page 265 x 188 mm.  $A 70

FM 025 s

FM 025 Le Follet [The imp] Plate 1858.  Measurements of the page 241 x 153 mm.  Short tear with no loss of paper in lower margin.  $A 45

FM 031 s

FM 031  Magasin des demoiselles [Shop for young ladies] 25 January 1857.  Piano player with readable music, reflection in the mirror shows off young woman’s hair ribbons.  $A 50

FM 032 s

FM 032  L’Iris [ The Iris].  Lady adjusting her bonnet in a mirror . By Eloise Leloup [an outstanding fashion plate artist] 1833.  $A 45

FM 027 s

FM 027 Journal des tailleurs [The tailors’ magazine] 1 April 1853. Measurements of the page 270 x 190mm; stiff paper, very good condition. $A 90

FM 024 s

FM 024 Le Conseiller des dames et des demoiselles [Ladies’ and young womens’ adviser]. June 1857.  Measurements of the page 255 x 160 mm. $A 45