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Art Nouveau
Antique pochoir [stencil] prints by Maurice Pillard Verneuil, from La plante et ses applications ornementales [Plants and their ornamental applications.] by Eugène Grasset, published by Eugene Levy in Brussels and Paris in 1896. Verneuil was one of the leading Art Nouveau designers in France and this publication includes some of his finest work.  The plants are shown as botanical specimens together with other images of their possible use as decoration – lamps, ornamental ironwork etc.  The title on each plate is in English, French and German.  Excellent condition, each print 370 x 250 mm.  $A 175 each
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PW 073s

 PW 072 Verneuil Dandelion        $A 175

PW 068s

PW 068 Verneuil Gourd $A 175

PW 071s

PW 071 Verneuil Herb Robert        $A 175

PW 118s

PW 118 Verneuil Mistletoe              $A 175

PW 119s

PW 118 Verneuil Monkshood       $A 175

PW 070s

PW 070 Verneuil Bryony.  Very good condition, fold in lower left outer margin. $A 175