Engravings of Australian plants from Curtis’ Botanical Magazine

Engravings of Ausralian plants from Curtis’ Botanical Magazine

Original antique prints of Australian flowers from The Botanical Magazine; or Flower-Garden Displayed, published in association with the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew, London.

This is the longest running botanical periodical, having been started in 1787 and still appearing today under its present name of Curtis’s Botanical Magazine.  Many plant species were first described and illustrated in this publication.

The founder and first editor, William Curtis was an apothecary and botanist who held a position at Kew Gardens. He was succeeded in 1800 by John Sims. In 1826 William Hooker became the editor, succeeded by his son, John Hooker.  For the first 30 years, the illustrations (3 per issue) were copper plate engravings, hand-coloured at the time of issue. William, his son Samuel and Sydenham Edwards produced many of these plates (1764-1815).

For Australians, some of the most touching plates are those produced before 1805.

Most plates are 235 x 140 mm (9 1/4 x 5 ½ inches); there are also some double plates, 270 x 140 mm (12 ½ x 10 inches). These have folds to fit them into the format of the magazine. Each plate was accompanied by a page or two of text describing the plant. In most cases we supply this text with the plate.

To see larger images of the full prints, please click on the images below.


PC 018 Curtis 270sml

PC 018  Glycine coccinea Plate 270, 1794, excellent condition.  $A 90

PC 054 Curtis 268sml

PC 054 Glycine rubicunda.  Plate no 268, 1794, excellent condition.  $A 90

PC 019 Curtis 263sml

PC 019 Glycine bimaculata [today Hardenbergia]  Plate 263, 1794, excellent condition.  $A 90

PC 050 Goodenia laevigata

PC 050      Goodenia laevigata.  Plate no 287, 1795, excellent condition.  $A 90

PC 057 Curtis 1313sml

PC057  Billardiera mutabilis. Plate no 1313, 1804, excellent condition. $A 80

PC 027 Curtis 456sml

PC 027  Diosma ceratifolia.  Plate no 456, 1799, excellent condition.  $A 70

PC 074 Curtis 505 1801sml

PC 074   Dianella cerula.  Plate no 505, 1801, excellent condition.    $A 80

PC 051 Curtis 1328

 PC 051  Menyanthes sarmentosa.  Plate no 1328, 1810, very good condition. $A 75

PC 060 Curtis 1533sml

PC 060  Gomfolobium polymorphum.  Plate no 1533, 1813, excellent condition.  $A80

PC 061 Curtis 1509sml

PC 061  Aster liratus. Plate no 1509, 1812, excellent condition.  $A 90

PC 056 Curtis 1507 sml

PC 056  Billardiera longiflora.  Plate no 1507, 1812. Very good condition, slight offsetting of text from previous page. $A 75

PC 058 Curtis 1506sml

 PC 058  Calothamnus quadrifida. Plate no 1506, 1812, excellent condition. $A 90

PC 053 Curtis 3249sml

PC 053  Oxylobium elipticum. Plate no 3249, 1855, excellent condition. $A 70

PC 052 Curtis 1935sml

PC 052  Melaleuca squarrosa. Plate no 1935, 1817, excellent condition. $A 75

PC 003 Curtis 1310sml

PC 003  Goodia pubescensa. Plate no 1328. Very good condition. $A 90