Decorative prints

Mainly flower prints, but also a few of palms, ferns, fungi and seaweeds. All of these prints were made as scientific illustrations of particular species and intended for use mainly by botanists or gardeners. In many cases they show roots, seeds, close ups of parts of flowers etc.

Nevertheless, they were produced by competent artists and have great decorative appeal.

The prints of Australian flowers are of particular interest. In many cases they are the earliest illustration of the species. Because of the wide dissemination of the publications in which they appeared, they were for many Europeans at the end of the 18th century and beginning of the 19th their first and often only exposure to the newly discovered continent.




ZQ PA Curtis

Plants- Australia Copper engravings from Curtis

ZQ PA eng other

Plants Australia other 19th C engravings

ZQ PA lith Fitch

Plants Australia 19th C lithographs

ZQ PW Bessler

Besler’s Hortus 1613


17th C botanical prints

ZQ  PW 18C Merian   Pomegranates

18th C botanical prints