Explorers’ invertebrates

Decorative prints
Explorers’ invertebrates
French explorers of the South Seas in the first half of the nineteenth century, inspired by Napoleon’s expedition to Egypt, accompanied the reports of their discoveries with sumptuous scientific illustrations. These were meticulously detailed, often including close ups of parts of the creatures and plants depicted. They were finely engraved on copper plates and equally finely hand coloured by teams of young ladies, who carefully followed models prepared by the scientists. The plates they produced are not only of scientific and historical interest, they are also very beautiful.
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Voyage de La Coquille, Paris 1830. This is the account of Louis Isidore Duperrey’s exploration in the ship La Cocquille (later renamed L’Astrolabe, she carried Dumont D’Urville’s two expeditions). These plates are particularly delicate in the drawing, engraving and original hand colour. They are 322 x 240 mm with wide margins.




EX 060S

EX 060. Two species of land-snails. after Lesson, plate no 9 in the Mollusques section of the atlas. Excellent condition except for one faint beige spot lower left. $A 120.

EX 066S

EX 066  Five land-snails, plate no 7 in the Mollusque ssection of the atlas.  Excellent condition. $A 120.

EX 090S (2)

IEX 090  Listrocelis pectinata etc.  [Cicadas and other insects].   Excellent condition.  $A 150.


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Antique engraved prints from Voyage autour du monde…, by Louis Claude Desaulses de Freycinet, atlas zoologique, published by Pillet, Paris, 1824. The plates measure 320 x 238 mm (platemark ). They are in fine original hand colour.

EX 069S

EX 069. Land snails.  Very good condition with faint transfer from the following page. $A 100.

EX 070S

EX 070.  Land snail-shells.  Good condition with several small foxing-spots.  $A 100

EX 073S

EX 073. Aterpus superciliosus etc. [Weevils].  Excellent condition.  $A 150.

Antique engraved prints from Voyage au pôle sud et dans l’Océanie … by Jules Sébastien Dumont d’Urville, Paris 1852. This is the official report of Dumont d’Urville’s second voyage in the ships L’Astrolabe and La Zelee. The plates measure 410 x 282 mm. They are in original hand colour.


EX 050S

EX 050  Insectes coléoptères pl 8. [Beetles from Tasmania, Northern Territory and elsewhere in the Pacific] by E Blanchard under the direction of Borromée.  Excellent condition.  $A150

EX 032 s

EX 032 Insectes coleoptères pl 11. [Beetles, from Tasmania, New Zealand etc] by Madame Bury under the direction of Borromée.  Excellent condition.  $A 150

EX 033S

EX 033  Mollusques p. l 81.  [Land snails, from Borneo, Timor etc] by Jacquinot and Oudart under the direction of Borromée.  Excellent condition.  $A 200


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