Australian Animals by Shaw & Nodder

Australian Animals – George Shaw and Frederick Nodder

Antique engraved prints of Australian birds and animals from The Naturalist’s Miscellany, a monthly periodical published in London between 1789 and 1813. It focused particularly on newly-discovered species, notably from Australia and the South Pacific. George Shaw (1751-1813) wrote the text (in English and Latin). He was a medical doctor, a Fellow of the Royal Society, co-founder of the Linnean Society and a zoologist at the British Museum.  Frederick Polydore Nodder (1770-1800) and later his son Richard Polydore Nodder (1793-1820), engraved the plates.  Both received royal patronage for their skill as natural history artists.
The plates are copper engravings and exceptionally fine, printed on J Whatman paper with delicate and bright original hand colour using a combination of watercolour and layered gouache. They are quite scarce and much sought after as very early representations of Australian animals. The prints measure 160 x 120 mm.

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ZA 084 s 1790s Nodder Porcurine opossum

ZA 084 The Porculine Opossum. [Eastern Brown Bandicoot]. This plate not dated. It omes with descriptive text in English and Latin.   Excellent condition. $A 150

ZA 082 s 1793 Shaw and Nodder Kangaroo (En Grey)

ZA 082 The Great Kangaroo. [Eastern Grey Kangaroo]. This plate 1790.  It comes with a  descriptive text in English and Latin.  Excellent condition. $A 350

ZA 087 S

ZA 087 The Variegated Lizard. [Goanna] This plate 1791. Excellent condition, but cropped to the plate-mark along upper margin.  It comes with a descriptive text in English and Latin.  $A 150


ZA 088 s

ZA 088 The Broadtailed Lizard. [Southern Leaf-tailed Gekko ].  This plate 1791.  It comes with a  descriptive text in English and Latin (torn without loss of paper.)  Uncoloured.   Excellent condition. $A 100

ZA 086 S

ZA 086 The Porcupine Anteater. [Echidna]. This plate 1792.  Excellent condition.  It comes with a descriptive text in English and Latin.  $A 225

ZA 085 s

ZA 085 The Southern Petaurus. [Greater Glider]. This plate 1791.  Excellent condition. It comes with a descriptive text in English and Latin.  $A 120