Snepp & Nozeman

Decorative prints
Snepp & Nozeman – Nederlandsche Vogelen

Sumptuous, large bird prints from Nederlandsche Vogelen [Birds of the Netherlands] by Cornelius Nozeman and his successor Martinus Houttuyn.  The book was published in Amsterdam in instalments from 1770 – 1829 and is the first comprehensive account of birds found in Holland. It shows the birds in their natural surroundings and attitudes and some plates include their eggs and nests. Although the aim was meticulous representation of nature, the images have an engaging element of naivety . “An ornament to the age of Rococo.” (Fine Bird Books, 1990).

Jan Christiaan Snepp (succeeded by his son and grandson) made the original drawings and also engraved the copper plates which were then printed on fine chain-linked paper. The pages measure 540 x 370 mm and the plate marks 415 x 280 mm. They are in full original hand colour and excellent condition.

The images below are cropped. To see an enlargement of the whole image, please click on the image.

BW 011sml

BW 011  Curlew.  $A 900

BW 013sml

BW 013  Night Heron.  $A 900

BW 014sml

BW 014  Spoonbill.  $A 900

BW 012sml

BW 012  Sea Eagle.  $A 1200


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